raw talent... Salts Mill, Bradford

Salts Mill, Bradford
Salts Mill, Bradford
In two years we shall be celebrating David Hockney's octogenarian status , and to remind us of what a diverse and talented creative he is, we will have opportunity to applause, absorb and dissect some of his major works.The Tate in London have announced they will be having a dedicated retrospect of his work and contributions over his life time in 2018.

In the meantime , to get a tiny measure of the man , if you haven't already been there, go to Salts Mill, Bradford.west Yorkshire.

Salts Mill is a former textile mill, now a huge art gallery, shopping and restaurant complex combined. Built in 1853 by Sir Titus Salt ,the present day gallery 1853 takes its name from the date the mill was built.It is now an UNESCO world heritage site , and ,one can see why.The building is HUGE and a perfect example of what extraordinary builders our Victorian fore-fathers were .Built brick by brick and using colossal cast iron girders and braces to shore up the vast spaces. It is an impressive and dominating building which must have once totally consumed the landscape in its heyday ,although it is shadowed by the 21st century vista nowadays.

The 1853 Gallery houses some of Hockney's work donated and created on the Apple I pad with a stylus (& perhaps free hand)- his use of colour is masterful, the subject matter is the local English Countryside,and recently created because Hockney was born in the area and was keen to return to his roots .The works have been enlarged and printed off and are successfully hung around the room, with an area showing slides of further work.

Else where in the complex there is some work in reference to his human studies, photography and  Theater work too.

There are good quality eateries at the Mill, a beautiful jewelry area,  antiques room and a whole floor with some fantastic reference books,prints, artist materials and goodies to buy.Oh, the staff are FAB and it is FREE to get in.....

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raw talent
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