Care and Guidance

Care and Guidance*

Due to the hand finished nature of some of our product lines , there will be variations in the Texture, colour and dimensions .
This is apparent on the post boxes, where undulations, marks, fillers and blemishes will be apparent as no two Post boxes are the same.
Any Product sent will be representative of the image shown, except where stated. For example where shown as "unique", therefore, where there is only that item shown for sale.
We advise that you do protect your valuable purchases and ensure the following is adhered to where ever possible.
The Bronzes will have differing patinas, and these patina are applied by hand, and these will alter & develop further over time depending on the areas where the bronze are housed.
These unique finishes and markings add character and variation to the work and distinguish the individuality of the piece.
White deposits may occur, which are a part of the casting process, they can be cleaned off with a soft brush and waxed. This cleaning can help to protect the bronze.
Do not over clean or buff or use any abrasive cleaning products as this will damage the patina and the Bronze itself.
Bri Wax is ideal to protect the finish.
Winter Protection for Outdoor Products*
Water features - drain down any water and dry off, leaving the feature protected from any severe winter conditions, by doing so you are limiting accidental damages.
Do not use Gazebos to support plant life,they are for a focal point in an area- this will inevitably affect the structure of the gazebo and can result in damage .
We recommend you cover if appropriate.
Stone statues and water Features - as above.
Wooden and metal  products - as above.
We recommend insuring your purchase (where applicable), keeping your proof of purchase and taking photographs in situ for your records.

We are not responsible for changes over time of any of these variations and when purchasing on line (or via our bricks and mortar store or other) the goods will arrive after being inspected by our despatch department. They will be wrapped appropriately for the journey.

WE endeavour where we are able to recycle card, paper and wraps, and are committed to this re cycling process in all our packing ,bearing in mind the impact this packaging has on the environment.

Please, dispose of your packaging materials responsibly and with recycling in mind. Thank you.

*These are a part of our "Terms and Conditions"
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